We believe that simplicity is in short supply in many technology procurement exercises today. So while not wishing to diminish the importance of choosing the right customer engagement platform nor the due diligence that is required for a complete and thorough assessment and evaluation process, we think that this can be accomplished in weeks not months.

If you are finding that your existing systems are increasing the frustration that customers and colleagues experience but think that upgrading or replacing them is a task of Herculean proportions we believe that we can help with a few simple but effective programs.

A Day in the Lifeis designed to uncover the most pressing operational issues that can stand in the way of progress. This approach is a vital for those organizations looking at complementing customer experience strategic improvements with effective, customer friendly, enabling technology and systems operations. While this isn’t a new or revolutionary idea, completing the process in a single day, with high-level findings report closely following, certainly is.

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Cascadia can also assist companies in developing real customer centricity by providing services such as:

Successful business growth and survival was never more dependent than now on the precious human resources that already exist within your company aligned with the technology that can effectively measure how you are doing on a real time basis. The inexorable rise of social media also means that anyone, and at anytime, can comment positively or negatively on your company and the effect can be immediate and devastating if not addressed in a timely fashion.

Cascadia has a number of tactical assessment and review programs that can be implemented quickly and cost effectively to help in driving the right strategic direction for long term business growth.

Whitepapers from Cascadia Connections

We understand that many business are facing challenges when it comes to dealing with a diverse group of customers across a range of communications channels and believe this is one of the biggest issues facing companies today.

While there are no quick fixes or “Magic Wands” available, we are here to get you started on the right track.

We offer a variety of ways to engage with Cascadia and if you register with us then you can:

  • Download our whitepaper “Changing Channels – Tune into your customers before they turn you off
  • Sign-up for one of our complimentary “taster” seminars that we hold every two months and that can help you zero in on the pressing issues of the day, and to see if a Cascadia Connections Interaction Workshop is right for your company.
  • Schedule a one hour telephone discovery session to share some of your customer interaction challenges and learn how we have helped other organizations overcome similar issues.

You can register with Cascadia Connections by selecting “Register” here or from the main menu and filling out the form, you will then be taken to the whitepaper download page. Please also view our “Privacy Policy” which sets out how we use the information you provide us.

Cascadia Connections specializes in working with Contact Centre and Customer Service Directors, Heads of Customer Experience and other senior executives that are seeking to connect more effectively with their customers and deliver a truly memorable and sustainable customer experience.

So If you are looking for a proven professional who can guide you to address:

  • Multi-Channel and Omni-Channel Customer Interaction Strategies
  • Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) development
  • Business Strategy & Technology Alignment
  • Cloud Based Solutions
  • Customer Service Employee Engagement and Education
  • Customer Experience Workshops

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