Whitepapers from Cascadia Connections

We understand that many business are facing challenges when it comes to dealing with a diverse group of customers across a range of communications channels and believe this is one of the biggest issues facing companies today.

While there are no quick fixes or “Magic Wands” available, we are here to get you started on the right track.

We offer a variety of ways to engage with Cascadia and if you register with us then you can:

  • Download our whitepaper “Changing Channels – Tune into your customers before they turn you off”
  • Sign-up for one of our complimentary “taster” seminars that we hold every two months and that can help you zero in on the pressing issues of the day, and to see if a Cascadia Connections Interaction Workshop is right for your company.
  • Schedule a one hour telephone discovery session to share some of your customer interaction challenges and learn how we have helped other organizations overcome similar issues.

You can register with Cascadia Connections by selecting “Register” here or from the main menu and filling out the form, you will then be taken to the whitepaper download page. Please also view our “Privacy Policy” which sets out how we use the information you provide us.