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We take our name and are inspired by the The Cascades, a major mountain range in western North America, extending from southern British Columbia through Washington and Oregon to Northern California. We are a spirited and experienced group of  people who are passionate in their belief that it is not mutually exclusive for businesses and their customers to meet their respective goals, while at the same time enjoying a trusting, mutually profitable, enduring relationship. At a time when economic and political conditions are creating very real problems for most people, we believe that those companies that treat their customers with empathy, courtesy, understanding and a healthy dose of truly friendly service, will be the ones to prosper over the longer term. Consequently we believe that if we can help companies make the most of their human and other resources to meet this goal, we are also playing our part to help you scale the heights of customer success and to go above and beyond.

The Customer Interaction Doctor (CID)

Managing Director Gerry Brown aka The Customer Interaction Doctor, and his team, seek to partner with companies that want to deliver real customer service, and not just lip service, by genuinely treating their customers and employees as their most valuable assets. We help them make the most of their people, technology, and creative processes in all elements and touch points of their customer interactions. This includes assessing, enhancing and maximizing the performance of all aspects of Customer Experience, Customer Service, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Contact Centre delivery and the best applications of digital communications channels and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to bring this all together.

We are strong believers in the power of “Cloud” based technologies that can significantly improve performance and reduce costs in their own right but can also breathe new life and purpose into legacy technology systems. Cloud solutions play a huge supporting role in mediating between legacy systems to fetch and carry the data and information required to quickly and accurately address customer inquiries. The challenge that most businesses face is that information and customer data reside in different places and in different forms – usually in the much maligned legacy systems that is expensive to replace or modify.

Cloud based interaction platforms can provide immediate, updated and visual access to customer history, regardless of channel, and are integrated within a single window that can access the legacy big boys when necessary. This makes them easier to use and deliver faster response times without having to constantly switch applications and/or significantly adding to the existing IT infrastructure.

We supplement and complement these activities by providing timely and relevant keynote and workshop presentations and facilitation that can be independent from, or a component of, the main consulting engagement.

So what are you waiting for – It’s time to call in the CID!


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