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Is this happening in your business?

Your business has made excellent progress designing and deploying a customer experience strategy that addresses the most important needs of both customers and colleagues. You’ve nailed employee engagement and the key role that it plays in developing and sustaining a truly customer centric culture. You’ve eliminated the dumb rules and out of date policies that drive customers and colleagues mad. But despite these positive steps your customers and colleagues find themselves let down by ageing, tired and non-integrated legacy technology.

This will stop a customer experience program in its tracks. But understanding the scope of the challenges, documenting the key issues and providing specific and actionable recommendations, is a vital and necessary step to keeping the momentum going and sustaining the growth of the program

While most companies say that they recognize the value of a holistic, joined-up view of the customer, few have integrated, multi-channel or omni-channel processes and systems in place, or a strategy to implement them. In order to become part of the connected customer world and not another viral YouTube story, you need to listen and transform how you engage with your customers across the social web and all other channels. Fast changing customer expectations mean that these channels must also evolve, and both your people, and the underlying technologies, must keep pace to ensure that you have the right people in the right places with the right answers at the right time.


If you experience these symptoms then it’s time to call the Doctor!



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