In a fast changing world customers must get maximum performance from their Salesforce implementation. As times and people change, critical business solutions, such as Salesforce, must keep pace and evolve to guarantee survival and growth in a tough, uncompromising business climate.

We recognize that organizations don’t always have the time, or the resources, to maximzie this investment and have developed a program that focuses on the steps that we feel are critical on the journey to successful Salesforce adoption, sustainability and long term sales success.

Regardless of where you find yourself in the Salesforce deployment journey, Cascadia can provide on-site or remote assistance and training from Salesforce CRM experts who evaluate and tune new and existing implementations, as well as providing your executives with a dashboard that tracks your most critical business metrics.

This can get a new deployment off to a flying start, kick start a program that has stalled due to low adoption rates or expand Salesforce applications to encompass a full enterprise solution and help you to maximize the return on your Salesforce investment.

Organizations that have made a conscious decision to change how they sell, using Salesforce, are those that have implemented a consistent, repeatable “sales process” that helps you focus your entire company on what truly matters to customers and can deliver a truly memorable customer experience.

We show how Salesforce can give your employees the information they need to positively impact the customer experience and that drives employee performance based on customer satisfaction levels. We are also aware of the value that other Cloud solutions can provide, especially those from’s AppExchange. We can provide the expertise to source these complementary applications and demonstrate, in a model office environment, how they can enhance your overall customer interaction operations.

If you would like to equip your sales people with the sales process, sales skills, and sales ready messaging tools that will allow them to improve their sales effectiveness win rate then we’re ready to take on the challenge.

Use the links below to download our Salesforce FastStart brochure (in PDF format) to see how we can inspire you and your team to deliver fast, effective, long lasting success or tryout a FREE TRIAL of

Link to Cascadia Salesforce Fast Track Program

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